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Oil & Gas Industry

Forged Pipe Flanges :

1. Weld-Neck Flanges 

2. Blind Flanges

3. Slipon Flanges

4. Socket-Weld Flanges

5. Long Weld-Neck Flanges
Material Grades : All grades of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. Such as SA-105, SS-304, SS-316 etc. 

Power Sector

Forged Nozzles for Boilers :

1. Boiler Nozzles

2. Thermowell

3. Pipe Slip Connectors

4. Thermo Sleeve

5. End Plates

6. Inspection Nozzles

Pump Industry

Pump Parts :

1. Shafts

2. Sleeves

3. Impellers

4. Diffusers

Pump Impellers.jpg

Pressure Vessels

collage 1.jpg

Construction Companies

Bridge Bearings :

1. Spherical Bridge Bearings

2. Pot Bearing

Few of Our Products
Flanges :
Weld-Neck, Blind, Slipon, Socket-Weld ,Long Weld-Neck.
Boiler Nozzles
Drive Couplings
Transmission Gear Boxes
Waterjet Nozzles
Pump Shafts & Sleeves
Pressure Vessel Fabrication
Bridge Bearings
Industry we Serve
Oil & Gas
Automotive Industry
Forging Industry
Machine Building Industry
Pump Industry
Medical Industry
Construction Companies
 Software & Automation 
Our AI & Automation Counterpart are M/s COGMAC TECHNOLOGIES.
A leading software & Automation company situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh
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