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Our AI & Automation Counterpart are M/s COGMAC TECHNOLOGIES. A leading software & Automation company situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. We are working together since many years to develop advance machines for Medical Industry.

We have recently designed a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Machine for Medical Industry .The Machine is in development stage now.

What is a Hypebaric Chamber .?

A Non-Invasive Medical Device which is used to treat patients for various diseases. The patient is induced inside the acrylic chamber in order to give pressurized oxygen at pressure 2 times higher than the normal air pressure directly or by pressurising the chamber with air first and oxygen is supplied alongside through the mask. Objective of the machine is to increase the amount of oxygen your blood can carry. An increase in blood oxygen temporarily restores normal levels of blood gases and tissue function to promote healing and fight infection


Below mentioned are details of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Models.


  • Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers (For Single Human occupancy)       

Mono Chamber is integrated with the complete Electrical and Electronics System such Sensors, Actuators, Feedback System and is fully Automatically controlled by the Operator outside the chamber.

Being a medical Equipment it also requires certifications of international standards such as Pressure Vessel for Human Occupany (ASME PVHO-1) and so we are working with reputed agencies for the same.


  • Multiplace Hyperbaric Chambers (For more than one Human occupancy)    

Multiplace systems are designed to specification for hospitals expecting high volume or significant critical care requirements. Customized patient capacities, internal diameters and a wide variety of accessories make each system unique. A free-standing operator control console with color video monitors is also included.

Ergonomic cushioned seats with armrests, cervical and lumbar supports, and fold out footrests increase patient comfort and two attendant jump seats are included. The entry lock permits a physician or attendant to enter or leave the system during treatments, allowing for treatment of the acute patient.

  • HBOT For Veterinary : 

We are the first in the world to design and manufacture a Hyperbaric Chamber for Cows and Bulls. Our customer in INDIA is very keen to install the first ever machine for Cows & Bulls.

Design & Simulations are done and machine will soon come in the development stage.

Mono Pic.jpg
Mono Oxycea Pic.jpg.png
Multi Chamber.jpg
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Our AI & Automation Counterpart are M/s COGMAC TECHNOLOGIES.
A leading software & Automation company situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh
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